Stop and smell the Roses

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It’s very easy, particularly when you travel around as much as my little family and I do, to forget to stop and be mindful about the little things that bring joy in life. So I thought I would do that now, whilst my angry toddler naps (thank you Universe).

1. Being home for a little while. We have been in Glasgow for the last few weeks and as much as I am enjoying exploring the curiously charming Scottish city, boy is it nice to be back on familiar turf.

2. Watching my brother being amazing on stage at The Orange Tree Theatre. He is currently in The Distance, a new play by Deborah Bruce and he and the rest of the cast are fantastic. The Distance is funny, thought provoking and at times uncomfortable to watch and an absolute must see.

3. Autumn. Oh hello my old friend, am I happy to see you and all your cliches. Crunchy orange leaves, Pumpkin Spice (yes I know, I know…) brisk sunny walks, homemade soup and being able to wear knitted jumpers and hats again.

4. My Mum with her kind words, constant support and mean pork loaf.

5. Starting my Reflexology diploma. I am so inspired by this amazing holistic therapy and everything it can do for your health and well being and I can’t wait to starting practising it myself.

6. Parks and Recreation. It has only just come into my life and I never want it to leave. ANDY AND APRIL 4 EVA!

7. Pinterest. I seriously can’t stop. I use it to plan meals I’ll never cook, outfits I’ll never buy and interior design for the house I don’t own. Oh god it’s the best.

8. Over the knee boots that actually fit my ridiculously skinny legs bought by a thoughtful husband when I was feeling sad.

9. Dinner with the whole family. I like to sit back and watch everyone drinking wine and talking over each other. It makes me feel like I’m in Brothers and Sisters (if you didn’t watch it you should. Ally McBeal is in it you guys)

10. Luke and Fred. Naturally.


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