Our Wedding Day

We got married just over 5 months ago and I have been reminiscing about it for the last few days – probably because the weather on the day was perfect and it’s been a little autumnal of late. A while ago Ananda at Dewsall asked me to write a little about our wedding experience for her and I thought it’d be nice to post that here with some of the pictures. For posterity, or something.

Your love story:

The story of how we met is actually 3 years long so I’ll just tell you the key points! Boy makes a short film starring Girl’s little brother. Cut to 3 years later, Boy and Girl meet at an event, get drunk and send embarrassing texts (texts that were mentioned in the Groom’s speech!) A few months later Girl plucks up courage to ask Boy for a drink – Boy would never have had the guts. Boy and Girl spend weekend together having fun in London, eating, drinking and laughing. The rest is history. 


What brought you to Dewsall, and what made you choose us to host the big day:

We knew we wanted a family friendly venue (we have a 1 year old son and nephew) where we could stay for the weekend, get married in a church on site AND have a lot of the wedding outdoors. Sounds like a big ask but after a teeny bit of Googling Dewsall popped up on Rock My Wedding blog. And it was love! Especially since some of my childhood holidays were spent in Herefordshire. It was just too good to be true! 





Your inspiration and themes:

Once we had visited Dewsall our main theme became Dewsall itself. The house, gardens and little church were all so picturesque that it felt wrong adding much more to it. So we kept the palate very natural with seasonal, pastel colour flowers, simple and rustic table decoration and a good family style meal and party!


What everyone wore:

I wore the Laelia dress by Alice Temperley. It was the first dress I found and I completely fell in love. My mum and bridesmaids all said I should try out other styles just in case but none of them made me feel as beautiful but above all comfortable and myself as the Laelia did. I am currently trying to find ways to make it less bridal and ‘wearable’ as the thought of it tucked away out of sight is too much to bear! My hair slides and band were from Gillian Million and my sister in law Sophie styled my hair. My shoes were from Office, I found them 2 weeks before the wedding and am so glad I kept the search up as they were perfect, having said that I am not usually a heels wearer and they came off after about 2 hours when I put on a pair of white sequinned flats from a website called Unze which were (wait for it) £6 and beautiful!



Luke wore a gorgeous suit from Burberry, Church’s Oxford shoes  and the most fabulous beard (I am a huge beard lover and his was perfection!!)

The bridesmaids wore a dress from Mint Velvet and looked gorgeous. I wasn’t a typical bride when it came to their outfits as I pretty much left it up to them. All I chose was the colour (and even then I was open to suggestions). I wanted so much for them to be comfortable and happy that it didn’t seem right telling them how to dress.


The only last minute outfit change was our 1 year old who was supposed to wear a little tweed waistcoat, grandad shirt and chinos but he grows SO fast that on the day nothing I had bought fit him and he ended up running around barefoot in a blue t-shirt and trousers!


The ideas and inspiration behind your menu:

It was so much fun choosing what to eat as Dewsall’s sample menu was HUGE. As we wanted the day to be traditional, seasonal and family oriented we went for proper British grub! We had beautiful local Asparagus with Anchovy butter to start, the best Beef Roast Dinner any of us have ever had (seriously, insanely good) and my Great Aunty Vera’s rhubarb sponge and meringue pudding – a beloved family recipe, it meant a lot that Dewsall would go off menu as it were and make this for us.



For the reception we nibbled on amazing British miniatures and drank Prosecco, English Garden cocktails and local beers.

Your suppliers and collaborators – how did you go about choosing them?

As I said before, our theme was Dewsall and so a lot of the decoration came from there. However a huge shout out must go to:

Deb and Al Burnside at Attic in Hampton for providing beautiful heart shaped decorations for the Wainhouse and the jars for the reception cocktails. Their shop is absolutely beautiful and means a lot to me and my family so it was lovely to have it (and them!) part of our day.

Alfie the Black Cab Photobooth provided HUGE entertainment for the guests and was a lovely way of bringing a bit of London to Herefordshire!


Our gorgeous friends Summercamp and Emmy the Great provided their insane musical skills in the shape of live music and a DJ set. Jeremy sang our first dance song (Richard Hawley’s Seek It) so beautifully that we still talk about how amazing it would be to have it on CD (or better yet, vinyl!). Finally, not exactly a supplier but definitely needs mentioning, my cousin Annie who sang us up and down the aisle beautifully. She was so incredible and we are very grateful to her for doing it despite her stage fright!

weddinganniephoto cred. Jan Gamble

Finally and most importantly, my lovely lovely Mum handmade every single table setting, menu and the table plan. They were so incredible I keep telling her she needs to go into business!! We can’t thank her enough for putting her special creative touch to our big day.

weddingmumphoto cred. Jan Gamble.

What were your favourite or most memorable moments of the weekend? Is there anything you would change if you did it all again?

Personally my favourite bits were the church service – Crispin’s sermon was so sweet and funny (his ‘beware the selfie’ speech was hilarious) and it was so nice to have the romantic bit of the marriage in front of all our friends and family.




Also the first dance and the moment Luke and I went off together with Ben Cherry our photographer. Even though Ben was there it felt like a really nice private moment to take everything in.


Luke’s favourite parts were the first dance and the speeches – which surprised me as he, my Dad and Jake the best man were all SO nervous, it’s funny it’s now his favourite bit.




I also asked my girlfriends what they loved from the day and they unanimously agreed that the general flow of the day was amazing. They loved that everything happened so seamlessly from the church, to the reception, to dinner and then dancing. They felt that it made the day feel really relaxed and friendly and not at all stuffy – which is exactly what we were hoping for!

I know it’s probably boring and a massive cliche but I honestly wouldn’t change a single thing about our wedding. Even the imperfections were perfect. My only complaint is that we can’t relive it every weekend.

Here are some extra photos I couldn’t not post!













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