Work It, Mama

I noticed the other day, whilst filling in my bursting at the seams calendar with swimming lessons, baby music classes, NCT meet ups and other things, that I have been off work for a whole year. I wondered if and when I would get back to work and then I realised; I have worked harder in the past year than I ever did in the 5 years before.

Why is that the “what do you do for a living?” question is the first thing out of a person’s mouth on introduction but when told “I am a stay at home Mum” you are met with a blank “Oh. But you’ll be going back to work soon yes…?”. It’s as though the word work only refers to something that you are paid for and not how much blood, sweat and tears go in to it – and baby raising? LOADS of blood, sweat and tears. I always saw myself as a stay at home Mum; when I was little my friends and I would play house and imagine our lives at home, looking after our babies, cooking delicious meals and making our home beautiful. I forever knew that it was what I really wanted to do.

Why do we think of ‘work’ as something that we are paid to do? I don’t see my self as a lazy person, I work hard to provide a clean, safe, loving home for my family. I would love it if us ‘stay at home’ Mums were looked at as warriors as I am sure they once were and not as dull housewives, smelling of Sudocrem and obsessed with how often our little ones eat/sleep/poop.

Of course, there is a side to the rat race that I miss. I miss being able to read a book from cover to cover on my commute, I miss the buzz of the office, having a chat with co-workers in the kitchen and the impromptu after work drinks with friends. But would I give up my new life to get back to it? Not on your nelly.


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