Alfred Steven Brewer Snellin


He has been on this planet for a month now and I could not be more in love if I tried. I’ve enjoyed every second of watching him grow and develop and constantly find my self in awe of just how much his little body has accomplished in such a short space of time. He smiles, focusses on objects, grabs at things (especially necklaces and hair – ouch) and has the healthiest appetite known to man.

There have, of course, been days where I have felt overwhelmed by his screams. Days when I just want to put him in his cot and go and cry because I just don’t know what he wants from me. I have, on more than one occasion looked in the mirror and thought, if he keeps eating at this pace I am going to end up looking not dissimilar to Flat Stanley but with greasy hair, bad skin and no make up. Then, when I need it the most, he’ll give me a little smile or one of his funny little looks and I am calm.

So thank you little Piglet, for bringing us so much joy. We love you very much.


2 thoughts on “Alfred Steven Brewer Snellin

  1. He is beautiful! Well done you. And a clever wee thing too – smiling already!

    I’m having ups and downs with my 4 week old baby boy but agree once I look into his eyes I don’t care about the sleepless nights or the sore boobs or the crazy routine. Not sure my husband is particularly enjoying my hormones but that’s another thing!

    All the best – love his little blonde locks! X

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