The End is Nigh and some thoughts on Pregnancy Reflexology


We are down to the last few days of baby boy baking over here and I am finding myself feeling more impatient by the day. I occasionally say or do thinks that make absolutely no sense (pregnancy brain is a real thing folks) and am only happy when in bed doing nothing all day or running around frantically organising and planning – there is no middle ground.

I am so excited about the bundle soon (please soon) to be arriving in our home and I know I am ready for him to make his entrance as the nightmares I had been having about labour and the general feeling of fear and dread have now been replaced by a feeling of “meh, bring it on uterus, bring it on”.

On the subject of bringing it on, I have begun to try all the old wives tales in the hope that little boy and womb might just get the idea. I have eaten enough pineapple and spicy food to feed an army, am currently on my third box of raspberry leaf tea and walking is my new favourite past time.

My favourite thing I have tried in order to bring baby into the world is reflexology. I have had two sessions now with the wonderful Liz Evans at Vidatherapy in Teddington and can honestly say that I have never felt so relaxed as when I leave Liz’s therapy room. In the first session I had Liz worked mainly on my ‘hormone points’ which led to me having a really intense hot flush with baby boy salsa dancing around my womb like I have never felt before. Whilst lying there I thought, I don’t know what this is but surely it’s not working? I felt really strange and uncomfortable but as soon as Liz stopped I felt this rush of pure calm and lightness that I hadn’t felt before. My second session was a lot less, sweaty, and I found myself feeling a lot more connected to my body and my baby. I think this was down to Liz working on my ‘labour points’ as I definitely felt activity in that region than I had the week before.

I have heard from a few people that their labour started a few days after their second or third session and whilst all is quiet over here at the moment I am sure that my new sense of calm and readiness is all down to the magical powers of reflexology and that is certainly not something to be scoffed at.

One last thing, mainly aimed at other mums and mums to be – how to you field off the “have you had your baby yet?” texts/emails/tweets without coming across as a raving lunatic?


One thought on “The End is Nigh and some thoughts on Pregnancy Reflexology

  1. Love this post – I’m doing raspberry leaf tea, preggie yoga, massaging with clary sage essential oil and trying reflexology next week. Would be walking more but weather too crap. Attempting sex when doesn’t end in fits of giggles. NCT and preggie yoga friends are dropping like flies and I’m next. Still having anxieties so not entirely calm yet – hypno birthing helps but also reckon is fairly normal and not helped by obstetrician scaring me by saying I’m having a huge baby!

    Funny what you say about being happiest when doing sod all or being manic, I’m the same, although slowly getting lazier as the days go on!

    Really happy to discover your blog πŸ™‚ xx

    Sasha @ The Happy Baby Blog

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