Baby Boy Wish List


So it turns out there is a whole universe of baby stuff out there and trying to rifle through it all to find the best/cutest stuff is no mean feat. This is a small collection of things I have my eye on – none of them have been bought yet as I am cleverly waiting for the January sales (I’m no fool)

1) Fifi Wall Changing Table – Such a clever space saver, particularly when you don’t fancy cluttering all available floor space in your home. Also the guy who designed it is called Bo which is probably the most awesome name for a guy ever.

2)  Freshly Picked Moccasins – Probably (definitely) the sweetest little shoe out there, these have been on my radar way longer than they should have been (at least a year before I got pregnant) and not only because Mason ‘Kardashian’ Disick rocked them; though lets face it, it definitely helps.

3) Natalia Baby Massage Oil – The jury is still out on whether this is the oil I end up using, the important thing is all the amazing things I have heard about baby massage. Read more about it here.

4) Mini Rodini Panda Print Baby Grow – Mini Rodini is a lovely line of clothes for littles with adorable prints and fantastic colours. This one is a firm favourite (and on sale!)

5) Grobag Swaddle – These swaddle wraps come in a whole host of sweet printed fabrics and (from what I gather) are perfect for wrapping your baby in at bedtime. Apparently they love the feeling of being wrapped up tight, something to do with how they felt in the womb. I have also heard amazing things about Swaddle Pods. One Mum I spoke to said both her newborns slept through the night when wearing theirs; she had to buy more than one and keep them on rotation, for fear of a sleepless night. If that doesn’t sell it for you, look at the face on the baby modelling the Pod and try to remember the last time you felt that happy…

6) Sherpa Bear One-Piece – I mean, who doesn’t want their baby to look like a fluffy teddy bear?

7) Fats Knit Zip Romper – I am a sucker for anything knitted and I imagine this doesn’t feel dissimilar to being wrapped up in a really long, really soft scarf. As my friend said, “there is a much better choice of knit wear for boys” and I think this romper illustrates that perfectly.

8) Cosatto Hoop Bouncer – This bouncer is cheap, bright and has a friendly owl on it. I can’t think of any reason why baby boy wouldn’t want this in his life. Plus it’s available on Amazon which makes life a gazillion times easier. Sold, to the fat lady with 4 months to go.


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