The Hair Do’nut

So I have a new obsession. For the longest time I had short hair and so my only options in terms of ‘dos’ was a different parting or a strategically placed kirby grip. Now that my hair is past my shoulders a whole world of possibilities has opened up for me. Of all the things I have tried, including heidi braids and (difficult to learn but so rewarding) fish tail plaits my favourite has to be the gibson roll.


I first stumbled across it on Cup of Jo when she did her brilliant hair series. The first few tutorials were for wedding hair but I think there is nothing cuter than having your hair all ‘done’ whilst wearing jeans and an old jumper. The Gibson Roll is essentially a chic but simple way of tucking your hair out of the way. It has a Victory Roll look but is much easier to execute. The tutorial from Cup of Jo (and many of the others across the internet) only use a hair band and some kirby grips. This is the way I used to do it but now my hair is a little longer (a few inches past shoulder length) I found my hair kept popping out the end.

It wasn’t until I found this piece of equipment that I was able to get back on a roll… ahem. The  roly poly is so easy to use and makes the roll a little wider around your head, which I like. It also stays put without hairspray – win!

So there you have it – The Gibson Roll. What hairstyles do you like to do? Do you prefer your hair up or down? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Love, Mama Jolene x


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