The Essentials

I’m not a huge make up person. I can’t remember ever wearing eyeshadow, I have two lipsticks – one red, one pink and the idea of using more than one type of ‘powder’ confuses me. That’s not to say I don’t admire those people who are a dab hand with some colour and a blending brush and there is nothing sexier, in my opinion, than a well applied smokey eye.

My make up essentials, therefore, are pretty basic. After trying different concealers and tinted moisturisers I realised quite quickly that Laura Mercier is Queen of Cover Up. Expensive, yes but totally worth it. Her products last ages and are so light that you never feel ‘caked’.

My other favourite product was recommended to me by a friend. This Anti-Dark Circle Roll-On. Oh. My. Garnier. It’s really light, cold and so easy to apply. No matter how little sleep or how hungover I am, this stuff hides a multitude of sins. I would never be without it.

My last noteworthy piece of make up that I would not be without is this incredible eye liner. A little daunting at first I now genuinely believe it is the only way of achieving the perfect line. You can achieve anything from Amy Winehouse intense to a gentle single line in one sweep. AH-MAZING.

Other products: Blusher in Rose D’Or, Mascara in Black and Lipstick in Emotive


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