Banh Mi Oh My

Blogging from my phone is really hard but I just had to let you guys know about a sandwich I just ate! I am at Cabbages and Frocks Market in the grounds of Marylebone Parish Church in London, selling tops for the company I work for, Sotto e Sopra. Having worked from 7am I got hungry pretty early but luckily for me the stall opposite are selling Bahn Mi otherwise known as Vietnamese Baguettes. They are absolutely delicious, stuffed with slow roasted pork, pate, this crazy fibrous pork that looks like candy floss but tastes like the very essence of belly pork, topped with carrot, coriander and fresh chilli sauce. Apparently baguettes became extremely popular in Vietnam after the French colonization in the 19th Century and are now a culinary tradition! I love historical food facts like that, it’s so fascinating to find out how far a food tradition has travelled and how it has changed culture to culture. I’ve got no pictures as I was too busy devouring my Vietnamese purchase to think of sensible things like that.

Anyway, if you find yourself in the Marylebone area you should pop down! The stalls are lovely and sell a wide range of products from clothes to food and all that’s in between!

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