For the Love of Good Food…

Like the look of this? Yes? Whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinion I think you may be reading the wrong kind of food blog. This may be more up your street. No? Welcome dear reader, please read on…

I came across this ‘Bacon and Cheese Pizza Burger’ today via. my brother and his friend on Facebook. Have you ever seen anything so terrifying in your whole life? I suppose you have to give a little bit of recognition to the fact that the burger at least is handmade. What? You still think it’s completely disgusting? Thought as much…

This culinary monstrosity reminds me of a show on Good Food channel called Man vs. Food, an American show hosted by a greasy fat guy featuring greasy fat food. Whilst the premise behind the show is slightly more complicated than gross man eats gross food, I simply can’t be bothered to explain what it’s really about as it’s so bloody stupid. If you really want to know then check this out. I know, right? Bloody stupid.

I often find that edible creations like this really make me think about the way people consider food. We have on the one hand the real “Foodies” who know exactly how long a good Époisses de Bourgogne has to age for and have the sort of attitude towards food that would forgive you for thinking that they had sampled the world’s finest oysters before they had even said their first word. On the other hand there is the person who has little to no interest in food whatsoever and would rather nuke a Sainsburys Basics meal in the microwave than spend 5 minutes browsing the fruit and vegetable aisle for the season’s finest produce. This person would be the foodie’s arch nemesis in Superhero terms (I would love to see what these two would look like in a cartoon… your suggestions are extremely welcome!)

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking down on the micro-nuking tribe. If someone doesn’t like/have any interest in good food (in the foodie sense of course. I’m sure to the micro-nuker a Rustlers burger IS good food) that’s totally their prerogative. Understanding and enjoying good food, from growing it, preparing it to eating it is just as much of a hobby as train spotting, stamp collecting and papercraft and I’m sure I speak for many when I profess little to no interest in one of those activities.

So I am going to let this Giant Cheeseburger from Hell go. I’ve said my piece, expressed my feelings of horror and feel that I have accepted the ‘others’ with their lack gastronomic interest as friends, not foe – though don’t get too excited, I’m not about to run off to devour my body weight in plastic cheese and red meat.


2 thoughts on “For the Love of Good Food…

  1. “This person would be the foodie’s arch nemesis in Superhero terms (I would love to see what these two would look like in a cartoon… your suggestions are extremely welcome!)”

    A potato smiley, for a head. Birds eye potato waffle chest. Chips for arms and legs. Beans for fingers and toes. Blood made of tomato ketchup. Spaghetti hoops for hair. Trees in his land are made of turkey twizzlers and he sleeps between the buns of a Rustler burger. His Achilles heel? Salt extractor, or a potato famine! Leaves him merely yellow and completely tasteless. Muhahahha!

    • Haha he sounds so awesome (and delicious, is that really bad?!)

      I think Super Foodie would be made of pure Kobe beef (body shape of The Hulk) and would have to power to smell of his enemies favourite food as a way of luring them in. Out of one of his arms shoots piping hot caramel that sets instantly leaving enemies paralyzed. His achilles heel would be warm white wine and Foot Long Subways.

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