Don’t Forget Your Packed Lunch

One of my newly discovered food bloggers Becs of Lay The Table fame (check her out she’s awesome), recently wrote about the age-old dilemma of knowing what to eat for lunch at work. I totally get where she is coming from. I love food. Lots. I love making it, reading about it and writing about it. I love, love, LOVE eating it. However, what I won’t do for the one I love is wake up extra early to make something fabulous, cheap and healthy for lunch. No, I would rather lie in bed for an extra 20 minutes, begging the boyfriend to get up first to put the kettle on.

The advice given to Lay The Table re. working lunches ranged from freezing meals made at the weekend and re-heating at lunch in the office microwave (if you’re lucky enough to have one there that is) to salads made the night before. Essentially what it comes down to is picking sensible, healthy options that don’t involve spending most of your wages on a daily M&S lunch, where you can easily spend over a fiver on a salad, drink and something to nibble on (though having said that I cannot resist their Hoisin Duck Wrap or Falafel Salad).

My favourite lunch? Hummous, crudites (c’mon it is not that hard to chop up a carrot or cucumber) and Gail’s Artisan Bakery Multi-Seeded Crackers. Middle class, yes. But oh so very good. I am a sucker for anything seeded, especially when those seeds include fennel and caraway. OH how I LOVE caraway seeds, I feel instantly comforted by the flavour of them, their aniseed-esque aroma instantly cheering and warming me up. I could eat them all day everyday on absolutely anything, even straight out of the packet. In fact, I love caraway seeds so much that it was only after the slightest taste of one of Gail’s crackers that I felt the need to write about them. Sad? Nope, I like to think of it as passion.

Right, back to the topic at hand before I get too carried away with caraway. Lunch doesn’t have to be complicated, it has to fill a hole and remaining relatively healthy is certainly a bonus. Grab things from the fridge or cupboard that are easy to prepare and more importantly easy to eat; nobody at work wants to watch across the desk whilst you are struggling with your re-heated spaghetti carbonara. Grapes, dried apricots, chocolate buttons (oh go on, you know you want to) and crackers with cheese/meats/dips are all you need to make your lunch box that little bit more exciting.

Finally, I am going to leave you with a packed lunch of which we can only dream. Invented by none other than food blogger extraordinaire Luxirare this is the Japanese inspired Bento Lunch box filled with the most awesome wraps and sushi rolls I have ever seen. If I had the money/time/resources this is definitely what I would be making for lunch everyday.


One thought on “Don’t Forget Your Packed Lunch

  1. It pays to check my stats: I saw a few people coming from my blog to yours so I thought I’d check it out! Great post, I love a bit of homous myself! And thanks for directing me to pure bento box amazingness!

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