The First Bite

Food. It soothes, heals and transports us to anywhere in the world with the smallest bite. Our moods can be changed and amplified by what we put in our mouths; from picking the best tomato of the bunch by squeezing, stroking and smelling it, to how we cook the ingredients that we have chosen. For me, the whole process is something that must be treasured. We are the only animal on the planet able to choose from a huge variety of foods and create meals exploding with different tastes, textures and smells. We should not waste this gift by scrimping on the finer details. We should care more about what we eat and where it is from. We should take more of an interest in the world of food and drink. There is a whole gastronomical world out there and I want to explore it.

I am not the world’s greatest cook (I often find myself burning, over boiling and even under cooking the food I make) and I have a tendency to be unnecessarily fussy. Despite this, food is my friend and will remain that way forever. I love the whole shebang and I want to share that love with you. So here goes, the first bite.

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